Once in a Blue Moon: A Time Travel Romance (Time Spells Beckon)

Their love defied time…Arabella Becquerel inherits an antebellum plantation house from her great-grandmother. A house overrun with Civil War re-enactors adamant about staying in character and insisting that the year is 1863. Arabella discovers secrets in the past that could change her life forever. An enchanting story of romance that defies the boundaries of time. A page-turning, gripping historical time travel novel — third in a standalone series that will keep you reading long past bedtime.Read all the novels by bestselling author Kathryn Kaleigh:Whiskey Springs Western Romance:1. Natalie2. Samantha3. Allyson4. SavannahCupid’s Kiss series:1. Begin Again2. Love Again3. Falling Again4. Just Happened5. Just Maybe6. Just Pretend7. Just Because8. Just Us9. Just Once10. Just Stay11. Just Chance12. Just BelieveAmerican Historical Romance Series:1. Love Always2. Beyond Enemy Lines3. Hearts Under Siege4. Hearts Under Fire5. Wait for Me6. Take Me Home7. Keep Me Safe8. Away Down South in Dixie9. The Reluctant BrideTime Travel Romance Series:1. Twist of Fate2. When the Stars Align3. Once in a Blue Moon4. Once Upon a Christmas5. Falling Through to ForeverRomantic Suspense:1. Serenity2. Lost and Found3. Courting Alley Cat4. All I Want for ChristmasFated Mates:1. Riley’s Mate2. Aiden’s Mate3. Brayden’s Mate

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Book Title: Once in a Blue Moon: A Time Travel Romance (Time Spells Beckon)

Book Author: Kathryn Kaleigh

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ISBN: B0844P5BR4