The Cooking Class in Budapest

“I have a few tricks you don’t know. That’s the joy of dealing with a mature woman.” Bernadette stars in a romantic adventure to Budapest to look for hidden art that’s part of an unexpected inheritance. She is a Parisian ex-pat living in Seattle. She hardly knew the artist who named her the only beneficiary, despite him being her natural father. Bernadette is beginning a passionate affair with her employer, Drew, who owns an art gallery. There’s always a risk in sleeping with the boss: the small chance of heartbreak and the bigger possibility of losing your job. She’s more worried about the untrustworthy art dealers, stepbrothers, and thieves in Hungary who want the art and potential riches for themselves. “Bernadette was impressed with her seafood risotto, briny, creamy and al dente simultaneously. There was also a whiff of sherry with each bite of fresh shrimp and crab meat that kept her leaning over the bowl to absorb more of the bouquet.”From learning the secrets of classic Hungarian cuisine to breaching the black market of counterfeit art, Bernadette takes readers on a tantalizing trek filled with international edibles and unpredictable intrigue. The Cooking Class in Budapest presents authentic menus, fabulous wines, and fine art served on a silver platter.

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Book Title: The Cooking Class in Budapest

Book Author: Karen Tripson

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